Our volunteers are bright students majored in computer science or computer-related majors.

We carefully pick our volunteering students to satisfy the needs of the courses offered in Codability, and the levels of students enrolled in it.

Apply to Volunteer

You can apply to be a volunteer at Codability through the following form:

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What do volunteers exactly do?

Volunteers are like instructors in class, they help the instructor teach the course by checking students’ progress with exercises, explaining questions to students, discussing student’s solutions, and always be there when the instructor demands any help with anything.

Volunteers at some course should go through the whole syllabus of the course and make sure they understand everything in order to be able to help students with it.

Volunteers qualifications?

Volunteers should have good knowledge in at least one programming language.

Our Initiative

We are a non-profit voluntary initiative that wishes to see Computer Science as a respected major among Jordanian households.
We provide Science for All.

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