Meet our best instructors


Bright Minds

Our instructors are identified by their sharp and witted mindsets. They are probably the best instructors in the field.


Rich Experience

Being past and current JCPC contestants, our instructors have lived the experience, and are ready to pass it down to students.


Love of Knowledge

Our instructors voluntarily give their time to spread out their passion about Computer Science and Problem Solving.

Introduction to Programming


Nour Jallad

Introduction to Programming (Class A)

Osama Daraghmeh

Introduction to Programming (Class B)

Safaa Hraiz

Introduction to Programming (Python)

Hassan Al-Noury

Introduction to Programming (Python)

Problem Solving (JOI)


Umar Al-Kfaween

JOI - Beginners

Reem Obaid

JOI - Intermediate

Jood Hajeer

JOI - Beginners

Hasan Al-Hamsh

JOI - Beginners

Maram Tuffaha

JOI - Intermediate

Our Initiative

We are a non-profit voluntary initiative that wishes to see Computer Science as a respected major among Jordanian households.
We provide Science for All.

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