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What is Codability?

Codability is an annual non-profit Summer programming camp that started in 2014. It aspires to involve children in the programming experience which mainly revolves around problem solving and logical thinking ‐ a way to enable children to approach programming and real‐life problems in a Computer Science‐oriented mentality.

If Codability is non-profit, why do courses have enrollment fees?

A non-profit organization is an organization of which its purpose is something other than making a profit.

Our purpose is sharing Science, and particularly Computer Science, with everyone.

Of course Codability has many financial costs, and therefore enrollment fees are required to keep the initiative sustainable.

Are the enrollment fees refundable?

You can withdraw from the camp and still get a refund up until two days before the opening ceremony. Any withdrawal after the specified day cannot be refunded; because the place of the withdrawing student cannot be filled by anyone else after this date, which is a sad thing, since some students would have loved to take this chance.

Do I need to know how to program in order to enroll in the courses?

As you might already know, Codability offers 2 courses: The Introduction to Programming Course; which requires no programming background whatsoever, and the Problem Solving (JOI) Course; which is divided into 3 levels, where each level requires a certain programming background.

Can I enroll in multiple courses?

Yes, as long as their times don’t intersect.

What do I need to practice at home?

A PC, a connection to the Internet, and determination!

How much time do I need to commit to the course?

As much as you want! Basically, each class is 3 hours in length. We believe that you will need another 3 hours during the week to work on your homeworks or projects. But you can always be creative and spend more time trying new stuff and discovering new ways to do things!

Is food provided for students each class?

We would love to! But unfortunately, that will bring up the costs of the courses a lot higher! Nevertheless, a cafeteria is present on campus, you can always head there for your break!

Do I get a certificate upon completing a course?

Yes, you do. We issue 3 types of certificates: An excellence certificate for students who put great effort to become excellent in the course. A completion certificate for students who attended at least 80% of the classes and used to solve homeworks and work on projects. And an attendance certificate to students who attended at least 70% of classes but did not use to solve homeworks and projects. Students who are absent for more than 30% of the classes will not receive a certificate, and will not be invited to the closing ceremony.

Are you going to provide transportation for students?

Unfortunately no! But look at the bright side, the classes are only held on Saturdays; which means students can spend a nice ride with their parents on the way to Codability each Saturday!

Why do I have to take an admission test?

Admission tests are designed to test different aspects of your knowledge, and your passion toward the course you want to enroll in, therefore they help us in assessing your skill level, and therefore appoint you to the correct course level. Sometimes we receive many applications; more than Codability can serve, the admission test helps us select the accepted students, so please take it seriously.


Yes! Codability does offer scholarships! We usually select a group of students after the admission test and offer them scholarships based on their answers in the test. We do not select students who get the highest marks by necessity, in fact, we measure our choices by many other factors; like creativity, logical thinking, and more!

Students who are chosen to receive scholarships will be contacted by phone.


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