All of our courses are held on Saturdays for 3 hours each week – you can check the table below for the exact times. Classes will start at July, 23, 2016 and will extend throughout to October, 1, 2016.


All of our courses are held in the laboratories of Princess Sumaya’s University for Technology. Map?


After filling the registration form, you will still need to attend the admission test, you can read more about the admission test in our FAQs page.

Upon completing the admission tests, and depending on your result, you will be contacted by Codability’s organizers in order to confirm your registration and pay the fees of the course.


The enrollment fee for any course is equal to 20 Jordan Dinars.

If you choose to enroll in 2 courses , each course also has a fee of 20 Jordan Dinars, which means a total fee of 40 Jordan Dinars.

Our Courses

➼ First Time into Programming

(5th - 11th Grades)

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming is for young students who have no prior programming experience. Students will delve deep into programming topics and think of flexible solutions to complex problems. They will tackle puzzles with increased complexity as they learn how to combine several concepts to solve challenges and develop interactive games or stories they can share.


Introduction to Programming (Python)

The course also targets young students who have no previous programming experience. Step by step explanations and visual and game-oriented examples will have students learn computational thinking, and fundamentals of programming right away. The course is taught using Python, the powerful language used in big tech companies like Google and IBM.


➼ Problem Solving Classes · For More Experienced Students

(8th - 11th Grades)

JOI – Beginners (Problem Solving)

Students will learn the fundamentals of programming; topics like variables, data types, input and output, conditions, loops, and arrays. The course is designed to exploit and grow students’ problem solving skills through a variety of problem sets – JOI style. Students who complete the course will be ready to participate in Competitive Programming Contests.


JOI – Intermediate (Problem Solving)

The course dwells further in problem solving with basic algorithms and data structures. Students will be introduced to functions and their parameters, recursion, complexity analysis, and the Standard C++ Library data structures and functions. This course will teach students how to utilize the different characteristics of data structures to obtain the fastest solutions.


JOI – Advanced (Problem Solving)

The advanced course covers a variety of problem solving techniques, ranging from simple brute force solutions to complex graph algorithms. The workload of the course is considered high, since students will be instructed and guided to prepare for each topic before they come to class, in order to achieve the best possible results.


Class Times






Introduction to Programming – Class A
9 am – 12 pm 5th and 6th Nour IT-102
Introduction to Programming – Class B
9 am – 12 pm 7th and 8th Osama IT-106
Introduction to Programming (Python)
9 am – 12 pm 9th to 11th Safaa IT-104
Introduction to Programming (Python)
9 am – 12 pm 9th to 11th Hasan N IT-103
JOI – Beginners
1 pm- 4 pm 8th to 11th Jood IT-104
JOI – Beginners
1 pm- 4 pm 8th to 11th Hasan H IT-103
JOI – Intermediates
1 pm- 4 pm 8th to 11th Reem IT-106

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We are a non-profit voluntary initiative that wishes to see Computer Science as a respected major among Jordanian households.
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