Codability is an annual non-profit Summer programming camp that started in 2014. It aspires to involve children in the programming experience which mainly revolves around problem solving and logical thinking ‐ a way to enable children to approach programming and real‐life problems in a Computer Science‐oriented mentality.

We are starting something that hopefully will never stop, and we will continue passing it on to younger generations that share our vision. We are trying to build this concept of transferring knowledge in every kid we teach. It’s not only about teaching them how to write code, it’s about showing them how to think differently, and that passion is their one-way ticket to the land of infinite opportunities.


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Hasan Al-Hamsh

Hasan is a Computer Science student at PSUT. He has given many training sessions for both university and school students. He is a judge and a problem setter for...

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Jood Hajeer

Jood is a a student at PSUT majoring in Electronics Engineering.
She devoted herself to learning, where her academic studies and contests are her identifier, especially Mathematics and...

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Nour Jallad

Nour is an MYP Digital Design teacher at Amman Academy. She graduated from PSUT in 2015 with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. She is passionate about both sharing and acquiring...

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Umar Al-Kfaween

Umar, with a U, is a Junior Computer Science student at PSUT. He is currently the chairman of the ACM Student Chapter at PSUT. And he is really really interested in Law...

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Reem Obaid

Reem is a second year Computer Science student at Princess Sumaya University for Technology. She spends most of her time training in competitive programming, she also enjoys painting and playing the...

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Hassan Al-Noury

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Maram Tuffaha

Maram is a PSUT student who is soon to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She was chosen as a Google Student Ambassador (2014 - 2015) and filled the position of chairperson...

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Osama Daraghmeh

Osama graduated from PSUT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in 2015, he now works at Ibn Rushd National Academy as an ICT/Design Technology teacher...

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Safaa Hraiz

Safaa is a master student at PSUT. Her major is Information System Security and Digital Criminology. She loves her major very much, she thinks it is very interesting and challenging at the same time...

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Google Drive Session

This event was organized to teach teens (9th, 10th, and 11th graders) how to use Google Drive to store their files and data, and how to create a Google document, form, and spreadsheet. They were also given a brief introduction to the privacy settings and options available when sharing their drive files with collaborators. At ...

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One Hour of Code Tour

  This event was held as part of the Hour of Code Week that took place on December 8 through 14, 2014. We contacted 4 different schools, which all accepted to host our event at their campuses. We explained to the students  the game they were about to play, and gave them general notes after ...

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Codability I: Opening Ceremony

  We welcomed more than 120 students from 40 different schools to launch the first large in scale coding summer camp in PSUT. The opening ceremony consisted of two parts. The first part was an introduction to the camp goals and activities and to the major of Computer Science, in addition to the various popular ...

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Our Initiative

We are a non-profit voluntary initiative that wishes to see Computer Science as a respected major among Jordanian households.
We provide Science for All.

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